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  • Essei 10:25 PM on July 2, 2007 Permalink |  


    Moving, wordpress generates very little traffic and lacks a community network.

    New blog @: http://www.xanga.com/Geo_Holyhart

  • Essei 4:51 AM on June 18, 2007 Permalink |  

    Hitler+Microsoft=Who’s the Real Monster? 

    I thought it was funny…

    In other news I updated my Xbox 360 List of games you gotta have: Check it out here or scroll down.

  • Essei 9:40 PM on June 4, 2007 Permalink |  

    The Online Chain Effect 

    So, am I the only one that notices this chain effect? Rather then explain the chain effect, let me give you guys a example.

    Myspace: A below average friends network. They’re tons of other similar sites, but with superior features, but yet Myspace destroys them in site hits. At first glance it would make sense that the superior subject would be more famous, but in many cases it isn’t. Why? Because everyone else uses it. Its a crazy chain effect that forces you and the person before and after you to use it, because the person before or after the person before or after you had to also. Did you catch all that? Its annoying and happens so often.

    Myspace being one example, AIM being another (at least in North America). The oddest thing about this effect and why it works so effectively is because too many people are afraid to break away from the pattern. Weird, but yet predictable.

  • Essei 3:42 PM on May 31, 2007 Permalink |  

    A Sad & True Story 

     I was just watching TV. My brother was watching those stupid police chase videos where the criminal always escapes, because they refuse to show the vice-versa. Then a very interesting video comes up. A black truck is speeding past police, maneuvering past police obstacles. The police then suspect that he isn’t trying to escape the police all together, but get somewhere. The officers then decide to give the man some leeway and follow him.

    Now even though the police are no where in sight, he continues at a fast pace towards his unknown destination. Trailed by a helicopter, he rushes out of his car now parked in front of a home and in runs inside.

    A few moments later he comes out with his hands up waiting for the police, while a old woman runs behind him hugging him. Police arrest him and he willing gives up with no resistance. Investigators found his mother was suffering from cancer and was dying. The man was already wanted for 3 charges and knew this would be his last and only chance to tell his mother goodbye.

  • Essei 7:18 PM on April 5, 2007 Permalink |  

    Concerning my annual disappearence 

    Back from a long internet free vaction (about 3 months), regardless of popular opinions, it wasn’t aweful. I used the 3 months to work at Dollar General. The job was murderously hard. Just to put it this way: The store only had 4 employees, because everyone kept quitting within a week. If you’ve been to Dollar General, you’d know its basically a general store the size of wal-greens, but with 5x’s the amount of products, so keeping it stock, while being on register, keeping the store clean (almost impossible, since people think its there right to make a mess), etc… wasn’t easy. Basically with my 3 months of pay, I got a Xbox 360 (I was sick of trying to get Wii) with Oblivion and Tony Hawks: Project 8. I also subscribed to Gamefly and paid off the phonebill.

     The phonebill was a whooping 500bucks. Thats basically almost half of all my pay. Apparently it was a lot of over/carry-overed charges that no one could recall. I just paid it off and got my phone reconnected, but the DSL won’t be reconnected till the 15th due to a lack of ports. The date could possibly be sooner, so I would hope.

     I’m also already sending for a lot of information from colleges. At this point I have about 4 degrees I want. Creative Writing, Graphic Art, Game Design, and Oceanology. It may sound like a lot at first, but its fairly reasonable, a lot of people have gone for a lot more. Nothing I’m considering takes more then 2-4 years.

     Note: Added a link to a catalog of my Book Collection on the side.

  • Essei 2:27 PM on January 26, 2007 Permalink |  

    There goes my Christmas money. 

    I was originally saving it for a Wii game, but yea… still don’t have Wii and slowly not caring. I just went ahead and wasted my Christmas money on buying Castlevania: Lament of Innocence ($12.99). I was going to originally buy Viewtiful Joe for my brother used, which was only 10 dollars, but the case was really beat up and nasty. IF you’re going to buy someone a used game, you should at least make sure the game looks well treated and the box, also that it comes with a booklet (vital for collectors). Now that EBgames merged, Gamestop is carrying a lot of EBgames bad quality used games, lol. So in the end, instead of Viewtiful Joe, I brought my brother Resident Evil 4 ($17.99) for PS2. It was twice the price, but his birthday and Christmas passed, so I figured I could hit two birds with one stone.

    Castlevania is fun so far. The character and level designs are top notch. Unlike the Nintendo 64 3D Castlevania’s this one retains its Castlevania feel. Had you taken a 2D Castlevania and converted it to 3D, this be it. I regret giving it to criticism and not trying this game earlier, lol. Either way, it falls nicely into my Castlevania collection. Sucks the box has those crappy EBgames stickers, which leave marks when peeled off. The Gamestop stickers peel off beautifully and leaving not traces as it was never there.

    Maybe I should say something about Resident Evil 4? Its awesome, buy it. Even if you never liked the other’s give this one a chance. The gameplay is unlike its predecessors, a lot more action pack and interactive. I brought my brother it, because I only borrowed it and I felt this is a game he’d love.

    • rytiko 12:40 AM on January 28, 2007 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Money well spent, regardless of what you were saving it for.

      In my opinion, Lament of Innocence is one of the better of the 3D games, but still not up to par with the classic style games. It’s still a good game, though.

  • Essei 8:11 PM on January 22, 2007 Permalink |  

    US behind the times in internet speed!? 

    As the title says, apparently the US is behind on the internet speed average compared to other countries. What I find most interesting is the severity of it. I was shocked at this sudden revelation. Seriously, the gap is huge. Reports show:

    The top speed generally available in Japan is 51 mbps at a cost of $0.06 per 100 kbps. The top speed generally available in the U.S. is 6 mbps available at a cost of $0.72 per 100 kbps. In other words, the Japanese have 8.5 times the speed at 1/12 of the cost.

    Is this really acceptable? Its not a case of crying over spilled milk or whining about something we don’t have, we’re simply getting cheated. We’re paying MORE money for LESS internet. Seriously 51mbps in the US is unheard of. Cable’s FASTEST connection is 8mbps and broadband is 6mbps, compared to Japans average 51mpbs.

    Found out more at http://www.speedmatters.org. Join the petition thing I have yet to sign… Support the movement!

    • rytiko 8:18 PM on January 22, 2007 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Crazy, man. I’d have never even suspected such a thing. Japanese kids are probably over there laughing at our comcast commercials, wondering what our internet providers are doing.

      And for 1/12 of the cost? Insanity. I’m signing, for sure.

  • Essei 4:11 PM on January 18, 2007 Permalink |  

    Cyborg’s of the 22nd Century 

    Well, most of you probably didn’t watch these, but PBS is deciding on what there newest site show should be, they introduced 3 shows you can vote for to add to there line up. Anyway, all 3 were interesting, but 22nd century revealed some interesting things. I was unaware of many of the recent obstacles already passes. One funny example would be that over 10,000 people are already walking around with chips in there brain. The only purpose I know of is for hearing aids. A chip is implanted in there brains and linked to a device with software loaded unto it that is place into the recipients brain. The device’s firmware can be upgraded, but the chip is permanent and can no longer be touched.

    Aside from that, technology is further then most people realize. A wire so small (thinner then your hair by fractions has successfully been crafted. What’s the purpose of this you ask? There’s many, but I’ll first give you a brief explanation on how its placed in a person. The wire is so thin that there’s no way to direct it, so what they do is send it in bunches through your blood stream, where’s it can even connect to your brain and wire around your body. This makes robotic arms/legs a idea not so far away. With a direct connection to your brain a robotic arm could easily simulate that of a real one. This also makes for limitless possibilities. With this same technology (including the unmentioned brain electrodes) you cold even control the impulses of the brain and create or diminish emotions, fears, love, etc… You could even link minds together, in the same way we link computers to one another.

    Yes, it is just as dangerous as it sounds. This kind of technology could EASILY fall into the wrong hands and be used for more harm then good, by creating super soldiers manipulating people against there will, or even unknowingly read those thoughts most private to you. People like to see the good, without seeing the opposite end in most cases it seems. I do feel sorry for people that can’t hear or lost a limb, but I’m not sure thats justifies much, because the safety of the majority should outweigh it in my opinion.

    Another side of the argument is: people would better understand one another being able to read each other’s thoughts emotions and truly place themselves in someone’s shoes. With that line cross, how do we determine our individuality and what is “you” and not “us”? No matter how you look at it, its truly a shaky concept. As mentioned in the show though, progress is constantly made and will come whether we like it or not. I just hope mankind is responsible enough to handles its choices. Then again… Its probably like giving a gun to a baby. Its funny how knowledge corrupts a being, that even though we’re the most capable species of making the complicated solutions on this planet we probably make the stupidest decisions with the most fragile choices.

    Like I said earlier. I don’t doubt this technology could help people, but I question the extent. I did like another scientists solution. Instead of modifying the actual human he created devices to be controlled fully by a human with the same purposes. A fine example of this is his first invention, a pair of sun glasses. Extremely ordinary and kind of cool, not bulky spots, just normal. These glasses though can record what you’re seeing and even indemnify objects, for example it can be programmed to identify a human, so that when you look at the person it’ll display there name, sex, etc… whatever you want it to. It can also change what you see. Hate Mcdonads, wanna keep it out of your mind for the sake of that diet? Well, it can be programmed to change any McDonalds logo to a image of your choice. Sounds like science fiction? Well, its real and already here. This scientist too worries about the choices and possibles of “cyborgnetic” enchantments. His invent are more like “plug-ins” then modifications, which is a great alternative in my opinion.

    I don’t see why they just can’t invent a glove that would say, shocks your impulses and run your adrenaline in result increasing your strength (I know this is flawed I’m obviously no scientist). I see this as a much better alternative then chopping off arms and making them robotic.

    As mention in the program though, the future is never what you would expect. 70 years ago the concept of a laptop, ipod, blueberry would probably seem like magic. Best we can do watch it unfold and try to steer it in the best of our abilities.

    You an see all 3 shows, including 22nd century at PBS.org or read more about 22nd century and watch clips here.

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