Give Your 360 A Eye & Voice

You guys know how Xbox records your last played games, but as we all know, some of spend more of our time trying out demos, watching videos, etc… or spend time doing other things equally. Well, someone awesome created “Live Eye”. The all seeing 360 eye. It watches all your actions and records them, including watching videos, playing demos, listening to music, etc… This is how Xbox should of done it. You can register your account for Live Eye at 360FriendSpot

With it, you’ll have access to a friendfinder as well, a script that finds someone closest to your own activities and gamerscore. Can be custom set for age limit and game preferences as well.

I was so excited about this I decided to make some new gamercard designs for my friends over at 3FS.

These are just preview images with text placement (meaning it isn’t real just a place holder). The actual cards are still being scripted over at 3FS. I’m also working on making a new Live Eye sig, because I’m not too crazy about there current one. Speaking of which, check mine’s out.

You’re 360 now has an eye, so where’s its voice? Over at 360voice, waiting to be activated. The concept is awesome, over at 360voice every xbox has its own voice and feelings and it blogs it automatically for everyone to read! You gain badges through playing and meeting requirements as well. Its a fun concept, everyone should try it out. There’s nothing to lose! To see my Xbox 360’s voice: Geo’s 360s Blog