The Online Chain Effect

So, am I the only one that notices this chain effect? Rather then explain the chain effect, let me give you guys a example.

Myspace: A below average friends network. They’re tons of other similar sites, but with superior features, but yet Myspace destroys them in site hits. At first glance it would make sense that the superior subject would be more famous, but in many cases it isn’t. Why? Because everyone else uses it. Its a crazy chain effect that forces you and the person before and after you to use it, because the person before or after the person before or after you had to also. Did you catch all that? Its annoying and happens so often.

Myspace being one example, AIM being another (at least in North America). The oddest thing about this effect and why it works so effectively is because too many people are afraid to break away from the pattern. Weird, but yet predictable.