A Sad & True Story

 I was just watching TV. My brother was watching those stupid police chase videos where the criminal always escapes, because they refuse to show the vice-versa. Then a very interesting video comes up. A black truck is speeding past police, maneuvering past police obstacles. The police then suspect that he isn’t trying to escape the police all together, but get somewhere. The officers then decide to give the man some leeway and follow him.

Now even though the police are no where in sight, he continues at a fast pace towards his unknown destination. Trailed by a helicopter, he rushes out of his car now parked in front of a home and in runs inside.

A few moments later he comes out with his hands up waiting for the police, while a old woman runs behind him hugging him. Police arrest him and he willing gives up with no resistance. Investigators found his mother was suffering from cancer and was dying. The man was already wanted for 3 charges and knew this would be his last and only chance to tell his mother goodbye.