I’m addicted to my Xbox 360. I love Xbox 360, I really gotta say I’m extremely happy with it for the last past months. You might be thinking “Oh? So what?”. Well, fact was I didn’t think much of my Xbox, I owned one for years and it probably accumlated a total of 3% of my gaming time between the PC, PS2, and Gamecube. Microsoft really pulled up there pants and hit a homerun with this one. I’ll go ahead and list some awesome features, because I’m lazy like that.

  • Great online playability. Man, this is really Xbox’s shining point. Online gaming was always Xbox’s “thing” in the console wars, but they really polished it to a fine point here. Its dashboard that smoothly intergates loads of information (but at the same time very user friendly) allows you to see xbox live information and downloads as well as your personal information.
  • Achievements really add a new deminsion to gaming as simple as the idea sounds. You earn points for unlocking certain goals in games. It keeps you playing games past what you normally would and shows your stuff to other gamers around the world. You can even compare your acheivements to other players!
  • Finally Microsoft has a awesome selection of games titles for any genre fan. G.R.A.W., Saints Row, Phantasy Star Universe (only online recommended), Elder Scrolls: Obilivion, Prey, Lost Planet, etc…
  • A try before you buy downloadable demos of almost every game!
  • You can even get Xbox Live Silver which is a completely free plan that allows you to use mostly everything except the ability to play online games. You can still play mmorpgs though like FFXI and PSU though.

If you have a Xbox 360 and have live hit me up, always looking for someone cool to associate with.

A wierd problem and my gamertag changed to GeoHoiyhart. No idea why. Calling customer support about it as soon as they open.

Update: Apparently I signed up as GeoHoiyhart and they refused to delete my old account due to security reasons and original Xbox capability. So I can’t remake GeoHolyhart. Dumb XBOX font makes “i” look like “l”, so everyone reads it as GeoHolyhart anyway.