Mike knew to run away!

LPThe new Linkin Park CD , quite simply sucks. Now all you Linkin Park fans don’t go straight to bashing. For I am a Linkin Park fan as well, even before there popularity rise. Here’s the thing there last album doesn’t feel Linkin Park at all. It’s more of a solo album for Mike and Chad, only two songs display both of Mike’s and Chester’s voice talents. As the LP fans should know this isn’t very Linkin Park of them at all… Meterora and Hybrid Theory most tracks were duos with the exception of 1-2 songs, but now we get the vice-versa version. The album wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t up to most people’s LP standards or mine.

Word around is Mike knew the album wouldn’t be enjoyed on the same level of the original two. I myself am vastly disappointed with what is supposed to be LP “exit album”, the one to wrap up their whole career. Seems to me this was a forced effort. Trust me this CD will have you wishing for LP true last symphony.

On a brighter note here’s some awesome albums I listened to recently. Hover over the image to see artist and album name.

Fall Out Boys - Inifinity on HighMichael Buble - Call Me IresponsibleRelient K - Five Scores and Seven Years Ago