Concerning my annual disappearence

Back from a long internet free vaction (about 3 months), regardless of popular opinions, it wasn’t aweful. I used the 3 months to work at Dollar General. The job was murderously hard. Just to put it this way: The store only had 4 employees, because everyone kept quitting within a week. If you’ve been to Dollar General, you’d know its basically a general store the size of wal-greens, but with 5x’s the amount of products, so keeping it stock, while being on register, keeping the store clean (almost impossible, since people think its there right to make a mess), etc… wasn’t easy. Basically with my 3 months of pay, I got a Xbox 360 (I was sick of trying to get Wii) with Oblivion and Tony Hawks: Project 8. I also subscribed to Gamefly and paid off the phonebill.

 The phonebill was a whooping 500bucks. Thats basically almost half of all my pay. Apparently it was a lot of over/carry-overed charges that no one could recall. I just paid it off and got my phone reconnected, but the DSL won’t be reconnected till the 15th due to a lack of ports. The date could possibly be sooner, so I would hope.

 I’m also already sending for a lot of information from colleges. At this point I have about 4 degrees I want. Creative Writing, Graphic Art, Game Design, and Oceanology. It may sound like a lot at first, but its fairly reasonable, a lot of people have gone for a lot more. Nothing I’m considering takes more then 2-4 years.

 Note: Added a link to a catalog of my Book Collection on the side.