Belmont Clan Serves Your Daily Whippings: Free of Charge.

Beat Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Great game, but like most action games, its a bit on the short side. Its especially a really nice treat for fans of the series. Castlevania: LoI is how it all began. It includes the origin of the Belmont clan, the orgin of the legendary Vampire Killer (Belmont’s signature whip), and even the feud between Death and the Belmonts with the reason why he appears in every game.

Even as a game alone it was rather good. The gameplay was smooth and kept fresh throughout the game. You’re given a strong and weak attack with the ability to use combos and learn while progressing the game. The sub weapon system was also pretty fluid, defeating bosses you obtain a gem, each gem gives the sub weapon a different attack. Its really pretty cool stuff and nice to look at. Like I mentioned in my post prior, the world is nicely transitioned from the 2D Castlevania’s. Especially compared to the Nintendo 64 Castlevanias.

On the downside, someone who has never played this game would really feel the game as a whole was rather incomplete and end up pretty dumbfounded with the ending. On another upside, you’re given a different character to play with after completion, similar to some previous Castlevania’s. Replayability wise the game also scores rather high.

The Graphics are pretty, character designs are sleek, and nice environments. To top that off you have more then decent dubbing and soundtrack to add to the experience.

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