There goes my Christmas money.

I was originally saving it for a Wii game, but yea… still don’t have Wii and slowly not caring. I just went ahead and wasted my Christmas money on buying Castlevania: Lament of Innocence ($12.99). I was going to originally buy Viewtiful Joe for my brother used, which was only 10 dollars, but the case was really beat up and nasty. IF you’re going to buy someone a used game, you should at least make sure the game looks well treated and the box, also that it comes with a booklet (vital for collectors). Now that EBgames merged, Gamestop is carrying a lot of EBgames bad quality used games, lol. So in the end, instead of Viewtiful Joe, I brought my brother Resident Evil 4 ($17.99) for PS2. It was twice the price, but his birthday and Christmas passed, so I figured I could hit two birds with one stone.

Castlevania is fun so far. The character and level designs are top notch. Unlike the Nintendo 64 3D Castlevania’s this one retains its Castlevania feel. Had you taken a 2D Castlevania and converted it to 3D, this be it. I regret giving it to criticism and not trying this game earlier, lol. Either way, it falls nicely into my Castlevania collection. Sucks the box has those crappy EBgames stickers, which leave marks when peeled off. The Gamestop stickers peel off beautifully and leaving not traces as it was never there.

Maybe I should say something about Resident Evil 4? Its awesome, buy it. Even if you never liked the other’s give this one a chance. The gameplay is unlike its predecessors, a lot more action pack and interactive. I brought my brother it, because I only borrowed it and I felt this is a game he’d love.