US behind the times in internet speed!?

As the title says, apparently the US is behind on the internet speed average compared to other countries. What I find most interesting is the severity of it. I was shocked at this sudden revelation. Seriously, the gap is huge. Reports show:

The top speed generally available in Japan is 51 mbps at a cost of $0.06 per 100 kbps. The top speed generally available in the U.S. is 6 mbps available at a cost of $0.72 per 100 kbps. In other words, the Japanese have 8.5 times the speed at 1/12 of the cost.

Is this really acceptable? Its not a case of crying over spilled milk or whining about something we don’t have, we’re simply getting cheated. We’re paying MORE money for LESS internet. Seriously 51mbps in the US is unheard of. Cable’s FASTEST connection is 8mbps and broadband is 6mbps, compared to Japans average 51mpbs.

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