Sony Don’t Smell Right

First post of hopefully many to come. Join WordPress after failing to host it on my server… though after giving it thought, I don’t know why I wanted to. The post are safe here if the host ever crashes or shuts my service off. This is just as good… and completely free. Why didn’t I do it earlier? This blog is suppose to be a conjunction with my portal which rings some blogs with people that have similar interest, though we all have different personalities, so give us all a read. I linked both them and the portal on the side. Anyway, here’s a game that interested me I saw earlier.

Eternal Sonata

(aka: Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream, Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume)

Such a Lush world. I really like the atmosphere it pulls off.

Plot: Based around the death of Polish Pianist Frederic Chopin on October 17,1949, Eternal Sonata has a much more whimsical and bright world then its grave premise. You begin 3 hours earlier from Chopin’s death as the character Chopin (who would have guessed) in a musical dream world filled with incurable diseases and magic. Chopin comes across a girl named Polka in the Village of Tenuto and to find she doesn’t have long for this world. They decide to use Polka’s own powers to help save her with the help of her young friend Allegretto.

Graphics: Apparently it’s cell-shaded. I found this hard to believe with a few of the screens; this is really the next generation of cell shading. The game presents cutesy, anime style artwork.

Music: renowned Russian pianist Stanislav Bunin performs Chopin’s pieces, while Motoi Sakuraba handles composing the game’s OST.

Gameplay: The battle system will be a combo-based system that revolves around musical elements.

The game looks great so far with a very promising premise. I’m surprised to see some awesome RPG titles being developed for Xbox 360. Apparently the tables have turned and Sony has lost a wide amount of audience and Microsoft is seizing them with their more affordable console and less then useless features. Right now PS3 is out and Xbox 360 and Wii are in, could this be some kind of omen? Maybe Sony will begin to decline in the gaming market. The Playstation’s 2 main seller (to me at least) was how affordable the system was and with a large selection of even more affordable games.