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  • Essei 10:25 PM on July 2, 2007 Permalink |  


    Moving, wordpress generates very little traffic and lacks a community network.

    New blog @:

  • Essei 4:51 AM on June 18, 2007 Permalink |  

    Hitler+Microsoft=Who’s the Real Monster? 

    I thought it was funny…

    In other news I updated my Xbox 360 List of games you gotta have: Check it out here or scroll down.

  • Essei 1:51 AM on June 16, 2007 Permalink |  

    Give Your 360 A Eye & Voice 

    You guys know how Xbox records your last played games, but as we all know, some of spend more of our time trying out demos, watching videos, etc… or spend time doing other things equally. Well, someone awesome created “Live Eye”. The all seeing 360 eye. It watches all your actions and records them, including watching videos, playing demos, listening to music, etc… This is how Xbox should of done it. You can register your account for Live Eye at 360FriendSpot

    With it, you’ll have access to a friendfinder as well, a script that finds someone closest to your own activities and gamerscore. Can be custom set for age limit and game preferences as well.

    I was so excited about this I decided to make some new gamercard designs for my friends over at 3FS.

    These are just preview images with text placement (meaning it isn’t real just a place holder). The actual cards are still being scripted over at 3FS. I’m also working on making a new Live Eye sig, because I’m not too crazy about there current one. Speaking of which, check mine’s out.

    You’re 360 now has an eye, so where’s its voice? Over at 360voice, waiting to be activated. The concept is awesome, over at 360voice every xbox has its own voice and feelings and it blogs it automatically for everyone to read! You gain badges through playing and meeting requirements as well. Its a fun concept, everyone should try it out. There’s nothing to lose! To see my Xbox 360’s voice: Geo’s 360s Blog

  • Essei 8:00 PM on June 5, 2007 Permalink |  

    The Wishlist for Xbox 360 

    Some great titles are up and coming for 360 and they’re be here before we know it. Here’s a preview or a reminder to many of some of the awesome titles coming to a Xbox 360 near you! *light dim and drums rolls*

    Devil May Cry 4 – A awesome Action/Hack-n-Slash game. Dante as many of us know is very essence of cool. Anyone who hasn’t played the series, I suggest starting with the original or DMC3. It’ll be a good warm up for this one.
    Release Date: Q4 2007 (whatever the heck that means)
    Free Image Hosting at

    Eternal Sonata – A RPG with a creative battle system and pretty-to-the-eyes cell-shaded graphics. The story line seems very interesting. I posted about this in my first post, read more about it there. Here’s another screen!
    Release Date: September 11, 2007
    Free Image Hosting at

    Halo 3 – Don’t we all know about this one? Its simple, yet advance shooting system has made this FPS a phenomenon and Microsoft biggest Titan.
    Release Date: September 25, 2007
    Free Image Hosting at

    Mass Effect – This game seems to on a lot of people’s mind. A complex future RPG system with Real-time battles with similarities to that of Gears of War and Resident Evil 4. You can even develop relationships with different characters and not to mention the main character is highly customizable in both attire and battle preferences.
    Release Date: September 3, 2007
    Free Image Hosting at

    Resident Evil 5 – I’m a huge Resident Evil fan and after Resident Evil 4, the series has even a larger following. Resident Evil 5 stars a new hero with pumped up graphics and to everyone’s relief a system similar to RE4s.
    Release Date: October 5, 2007 (Ours is probably on the same day, sooner or a bit later)
    Free Image Hosting at

    Two Worlds – A MMORPG or rather a MORPG, seems to have a theme similar to Oblivion and other Forgotten Realm styled games. Two Worlds seems have more of a fantasy sense that Oblivion lacked though with a richer world. Not to mention the ability to grab 4 friends and play online.
    Release Date: June 26, 2007
    Free Image Hosting at

    Unreal Tournament 3 – Another FPS, famous for its extremely fast-paced action and crazy weapons. They said it loud and proud “We aren’t afraid of Halo 3”.
    Release Date: September 3, 2007
    Free Image Hosting at

    Dark Sector – Can’t believe I forgot this game. It has years of making behind its release. The lead developer told press that the crew took bits from many of our loved titles, like Resident Evil 4 style scares, Half-Life 2 cityscapes, Zelda style puzzles, etc… To top it all off the crew are the people who help create the Unreal Franchise. Hard to believe they can mess this one up.
    Release Date: September 4, 2007
    Free Image Hosting at

    Splinter Cell: Conviction – Its Splinter Cell brought into the next-gen and beyond, enough said.
    Release Date: Q4 2007
    Free Image Hosting at

    Rock Band – Its Guitar Hero, but with a full band and online play. Hopefully it’ll be as great as it sounds. The biggest problem this title faces is pricing due to its 4 instrumental features many fear it could go anywhere from $150-$300.
    Release Date: November 2007
    *Couldn’t find any screens, OXM has a single screen on the game and it seems it was exclusive.*

    Assassin’s Creed – Could this be real next-gen stealth action game that fans have been begging for? Time will tell.
    Release Date: November 2007
    Free Image Hosting at

    Fable 2 – I wasn’t a big fan of the original Fable, but part 2 claims to be targeted towards more mature gamers with a far more indepth story.
    Release Date: TBA 2008 (possibly earlier, considering EU gets released October 27, 2007)
    Free Image Hosting at

    Mark your calenders people! Most if not all these are sure to be big hits!I don’t know about you, but I’ll be in my freeze chamber awaiting the release of these titles.

  • Essei 9:40 PM on June 4, 2007 Permalink |  

    The Online Chain Effect 

    So, am I the only one that notices this chain effect? Rather then explain the chain effect, let me give you guys a example.

    Myspace: A below average friends network. They’re tons of other similar sites, but with superior features, but yet Myspace destroys them in site hits. At first glance it would make sense that the superior subject would be more famous, but in many cases it isn’t. Why? Because everyone else uses it. Its a crazy chain effect that forces you and the person before and after you to use it, because the person before or after the person before or after you had to also. Did you catch all that? Its annoying and happens so often.

    Myspace being one example, AIM being another (at least in North America). The oddest thing about this effect and why it works so effectively is because too many people are afraid to break away from the pattern. Weird, but yet predictable.

  • Essei 3:42 PM on May 31, 2007 Permalink |  

    A Sad & True Story 

     I was just watching TV. My brother was watching those stupid police chase videos where the criminal always escapes, because they refuse to show the vice-versa. Then a very interesting video comes up. A black truck is speeding past police, maneuvering past police obstacles. The police then suspect that he isn’t trying to escape the police all together, but get somewhere. The officers then decide to give the man some leeway and follow him.

    Now even though the police are no where in sight, he continues at a fast pace towards his unknown destination. Trailed by a helicopter, he rushes out of his car now parked in front of a home and in runs inside.

    A few moments later he comes out with his hands up waiting for the police, while a old woman runs behind him hugging him. Police arrest him and he willing gives up with no resistance. Investigators found his mother was suffering from cancer and was dying. The man was already wanted for 3 charges and knew this would be his last and only chance to tell his mother goodbye.

  • Essei 7:36 AM on May 20, 2007 Permalink |  


    I’m addicted to my Xbox 360. I love Xbox 360, I really gotta say I’m extremely happy with it for the last past months. You might be thinking “Oh? So what?”. Well, fact was I didn’t think much of my Xbox, I owned one for years and it probably accumlated a total of 3% of my gaming time between the PC, PS2, and Gamecube. Microsoft really pulled up there pants and hit a homerun with this one. I’ll go ahead and list some awesome features, because I’m lazy like that.

    • Great online playability. Man, this is really Xbox’s shining point. Online gaming was always Xbox’s “thing” in the console wars, but they really polished it to a fine point here. Its dashboard that smoothly intergates loads of information (but at the same time very user friendly) allows you to see xbox live information and downloads as well as your personal information.
    • Achievements really add a new deminsion to gaming as simple as the idea sounds. You earn points for unlocking certain goals in games. It keeps you playing games past what you normally would and shows your stuff to other gamers around the world. You can even compare your acheivements to other players!
    • Finally Microsoft has a awesome selection of games titles for any genre fan. G.R.A.W., Saints Row, Phantasy Star Universe (only online recommended), Elder Scrolls: Obilivion, Prey, Lost Planet, etc…
    • A try before you buy downloadable demos of almost every game!
    • You can even get Xbox Live Silver which is a completely free plan that allows you to use mostly everything except the ability to play online games. You can still play mmorpgs though like FFXI and PSU though.

    If you have a Xbox 360 and have live hit me up, always looking for someone cool to associate with.

    A wierd problem and my gamertag changed to GeoHoiyhart. No idea why. Calling customer support about it as soon as they open.

    Update: Apparently I signed up as GeoHoiyhart and they refused to delete my old account due to security reasons and original Xbox capability. So I can’t remake GeoHolyhart. Dumb XBOX font makes “i” look like “l”, so everyone reads it as GeoHolyhart anyway.

  • Essei 2:17 PM on May 7, 2007 Permalink |  

    Mike knew to run away! 

    LPThe new Linkin Park CD , quite simply sucks. Now all you Linkin Park fans don’t go straight to bashing. For I am a Linkin Park fan as well, even before there popularity rise. Here’s the thing there last album doesn’t feel Linkin Park at all. It’s more of a solo album for Mike and Chad, only two songs display both of Mike’s and Chester’s voice talents. As the LP fans should know this isn’t very Linkin Park of them at all… Meterora and Hybrid Theory most tracks were duos with the exception of 1-2 songs, but now we get the vice-versa version. The album wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t up to most people’s LP standards or mine.

    Word around is Mike knew the album wouldn’t be enjoyed on the same level of the original two. I myself am vastly disappointed with what is supposed to be LP “exit album”, the one to wrap up their whole career. Seems to me this was a forced effort. Trust me this CD will have you wishing for LP true last symphony.

    On a brighter note here’s some awesome albums I listened to recently. Hover over the image to see artist and album name.

    Fall Out Boys - Inifinity on HighMichael Buble - Call Me IresponsibleRelient K - Five Scores and Seven Years Ago

  • Essei 7:18 PM on April 5, 2007 Permalink |  

    Concerning my annual disappearence 

    Back from a long internet free vaction (about 3 months), regardless of popular opinions, it wasn’t aweful. I used the 3 months to work at Dollar General. The job was murderously hard. Just to put it this way: The store only had 4 employees, because everyone kept quitting within a week. If you’ve been to Dollar General, you’d know its basically a general store the size of wal-greens, but with 5x’s the amount of products, so keeping it stock, while being on register, keeping the store clean (almost impossible, since people think its there right to make a mess), etc… wasn’t easy. Basically with my 3 months of pay, I got a Xbox 360 (I was sick of trying to get Wii) with Oblivion and Tony Hawks: Project 8. I also subscribed to Gamefly and paid off the phonebill.

     The phonebill was a whooping 500bucks. Thats basically almost half of all my pay. Apparently it was a lot of over/carry-overed charges that no one could recall. I just paid it off and got my phone reconnected, but the DSL won’t be reconnected till the 15th due to a lack of ports. The date could possibly be sooner, so I would hope.

     I’m also already sending for a lot of information from colleges. At this point I have about 4 degrees I want. Creative Writing, Graphic Art, Game Design, and Oceanology. It may sound like a lot at first, but its fairly reasonable, a lot of people have gone for a lot more. Nothing I’m considering takes more then 2-4 years.

     Note: Added a link to a catalog of my Book Collection on the side.

  • Essei 3:56 AM on January 29, 2007 Permalink |  

    Belmont Clan Serves Your Daily Whippings: Free of Charge. 

    Beat Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Great game, but like most action games, its a bit on the short side. Its especially a really nice treat for fans of the series. Castlevania: LoI is how it all began. It includes the origin of the Belmont clan, the orgin of the legendary Vampire Killer (Belmont’s signature whip), and even the feud between Death and the Belmonts with the reason why he appears in every game.

    Even as a game alone it was rather good. The gameplay was smooth and kept fresh throughout the game. You’re given a strong and weak attack with the ability to use combos and learn while progressing the game. The sub weapon system was also pretty fluid, defeating bosses you obtain a gem, each gem gives the sub weapon a different attack. Its really pretty cool stuff and nice to look at. Like I mentioned in my post prior, the world is nicely transitioned from the 2D Castlevania’s. Especially compared to the Nintendo 64 Castlevanias.

    On the downside, someone who has never played this game would really feel the game as a whole was rather incomplete and end up pretty dumbfounded with the ending. On another upside, you’re given a different character to play with after completion, similar to some previous Castlevania’s. Replayability wise the game also scores rather high.

    The Graphics are pretty, character designs are sleek, and nice environments. To top that off you have more then decent dubbing and soundtrack to add to the experience.

    On another note:
    I added some links to my personal lists/sites on the side. Opened a Cafe Press store also, check it out! Make me some munnies! I’ll just spam the link here also.

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